Travel with us to the small town of Palombara Sabina, where Nonna Nerina and her granddaughter Chiara will teach you how to make a classic, authentic Italian pasta dish.


"There's nothing quite like learning how to make pasta from our nonnas in Palombara Sabina."

- Chiara Nicolanti, Founder of Nonna Live

On-Demand Class

Learn how to make fettuccine with tomato sauce from Nonna Nerina and Chiara in this easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial. Beginners welcome!

Pasta Pro Academy
(coming soon)

Ready to take the next step in becoming a pasta pro? Enroll in our comprehensive homemade pasta making course with world famous Nonna Nerina & her granddaughter Chiara. Learn all the staples like fettuccine, gnocchi, lasagna and much more.

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Enrolled students get access to exclusive discounts on live pasta making classes, special cooking experiences, and Nonna's small-batch olive oil.