Section 1: Italian Red Sauce Secrets Revealed!

Nonna Margherita and Chiara will reveal the secrets to make a perfect sauce, starting with a few fresh ingredients. We will cook dry pasta al dente, the right way, to taste our sauces. We will make a traditional Italian red sauce that goes with ragú, arrabbiata, and amatriciana. 

Section 2: Mastering the Filled Pasta

Time to play with the dough! Chef David and Chiara will show you how to make two traditional fillings, and how to turn the dough into delectable pillows of flavor. You'll learn to make ravioli, cappelloni and agnolotti.

Section 3: It's Time To Potato

Nonna Nerina and Chiara will show you how to make a classic potato gnocchi and pesto, one of Nonna Live's most popular recipes! 

Section 4: Creating Vegan Pasta

Nonna Angela and Chiara will show you how to make vegan pasta dough. You'll prepare the dough for cavatelli, trofie, and pici with only flour and water. Plus, you'll learn to make Nonna's homemade pesto!

This course is closed for enrollment.