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Timballo is a very rich dish, of the Neapolitan and Sicilian tradition, cooked in a particular mold from which it takes its name, and filled with meat, fish or vegetables. It is usually wrapped in a sheet of pastry and can be prepared with rice or pasta. Our recipe involves the use of macaroni and is a recipe that comes from the peasant tradition so as not to waste food and, as often happens, has become a delicious dish. For dessert we will prepare the Struffoli instead. Another delight of Neapolitan cuisine. The origin of the struffoli seems to date back to the Greeks, in Greek cuisine there is still a similar preparation, the loukoumades ( delicacies ). The name of the “ struffolo ”, that is, of the single ball that makes up the dessert, derives from the Greek “ strongoulos ” or “ stroggulos ” which means “ of a rounded shape


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