Taste the Italian summer in your plate!

Nonna Nerina and Nonna Angela grew up together in Palombara Sabina, running in the fields and tasting the best fruits and vegetables... their mum taught them how to cook the delicious meals they will share with you today!

Ready to cook with nonna?!

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From Antipasti to Dolci, cook the traditional four courses Sunday meal and bring Italy to your table!


Parmigiana is unique. It's such a well-known recipe but still we can't find out Who made It for the First Time and where. Somebody says Parma, others Sicily, someone else Naples but no One has proved it.

Despite the mystery, we certainly know how good it is and that Grandmas are great at cooking it. 

What makes everyone agree is its flavor and texture, when it arrives on the table you can't Say no! 

Tortelli cacio e pepe

Tortelli di Carne Cacio e Pepe Is a variant of the classic "Tortelli al sugo". Two regions of Northern Italy compete for the origins of the tortelli pasta shape: Piemonte and Emilia-Romagna, each with its own version.

In this recipe we have combined the tradition of three regions including Lazio. Nonna didn't want you to miss our savory cacio and pepe sauce.

Meatballs and potatoes´╗┐

Meatballs with tomato sauce are one of the most popular dishes in Italy. All of us must agree that the best dish ever Is covered by meatballs with steaming-hot tomato sauce on top. This Is the best expression of Nonna's love.

Ricotta pie

Ricotta pie is a typical Italian dessert. It is commonly found on tables in Central Italy, where most of the inhabitants were farmers and ricotta was part of everyone's diet. 

It is usually made for Easter or on Sundays to celebrate the reunion of the whole family.