Finally September!

The smell of grapes and fics from the garden is asking Nonna to start cooking again!

During this sweet month, while the hot summer leaves space to mild nights in the Italian countryside, Nonna's home is full of biscuits, nuts and stories to share while sipping a good wine. Time to share while waiting for Autumn to come...

Full menu

Traveling from North to South of Italy, this menu will fill your belly with new flavors!

Prosciutto, Burrata, Cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and red wine.. are just some of the ingredients you will use!

Let's set your table and...see you in grandma's kitchen!


Piadina is one of the typical dishes of Italian culture, widespread in the regions overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Piadina has a light base to be seasoned as desired according to your tastes. In this recipe we will do it with figs, the main fruit of the September season.

Spaghetti alla chitarra

Puttanesca pasta is a dish of the Italian tradition and it was born in the early 1900s. Its authorship is divided between two regions, Lazio and Campania.

When the ingredients of this recipe sizzle in the pan, a perfume that tastes like the Mediterranean sea, spreads throughout the whole room and your mouth starts watering.

Chicken & Green Beans

Chicken breast with red wine is a traditional Italian dish that originates in Rome and then spread throughout Italy. The first to spread the recipe was Ada Boni who, in her book The talisman of happiness describes this dish as an excellent light second course full of taste. It was originally served in the Osterias in the center of Rome until it became so popular that it was handed down, from Grandma to mother, to the houses of the Roman middle class.

Ciambelletti and Zabaione

The red wine donuts/cookies are a typical Lazio recipe, which has its origins in the early 1600s.

They have been handed down to the present day from grandmothers to mothers from all over central Italy.

In this version we have added the zabaione, an egg cream that will amaze you!