Taste the Italian autumn in your plate!

Days get shorter and temperatures lower...

it’s the perfect time to be pampered!

Grandma is waiting for you to do it with so many tasty dishes!

Full menu

From Antipasti to Dolci, cook the traditional four courses Sunday meal and bring Italy to your table!

Legume soup

Legume soup is one of the most nutritious dishes of the entire Mediterranean diet.

It’s a dish that fed entire families of farmers, from the Middle Ages until the Second World War. The people who lived in the countryside, in fact, ate legumes instead of meat, being these, an important source of vegetable protein.

Nowadays this dish is consumed in the autumn and winter months and it maintains the same taste of the past.

Plin ravioli

The ravioli del plin are a typical dish of the tradition of northern Italy, more precisely of Piedmont and the Langhe areas.

This type of ravioli differs in its preparation, in fact the word “ Plin ” indicates the pinch with which these ravioli are closed.

Generally the filling is mainly composed of meat, our vegetarian version will surprise you! 

Meatloaf and mushrooms

Meatloaf is a typical Italian second course and it is certainly one of those dishes that all Italian families make.

The meatloaf is an expanded version of the meatballs and its full taste will surprise you.


Tozzetti are dry biscuits with toasted hazelnuts inside. This is a typical Lazio recipe and all our grandmothers know how to make them!

The season of tozzetti begins with autumn and ends with the Christmas holidays and it is common practice to give them as a present during the holidays.