We bring the colors of autumn to your table

November is the season of colors and flavors and we want to bring autumn colors to your table.

These recipes embraces all the flavors of Italian autumn; enjoy them and have fun with the class.

Buon appetito!

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From Antipasti to Dolci, cook the traditional Sunday meal and bring Italy to your table!


The Tagliere is the typical Italian appetizer that contains most of the sweet and savory treats, it is served as an aperitif and in company of friends.

Gnocchi with chestnut flour

The chestnut flour gnocchi are a typical pasta of the hilly and mountainous areas of central and northern Italy. The chestnut tree is widespread throughout the country and chestnuts have always been used as a food suitable to feed the whole family, thanks to their nutritional properties. They are also very appreciated by children because their sweet taste makes them appealing and tasty. In this recipe we will add a salty and full-bodied note through the pecorino flakes and a fragrant note given by the nuts. In this recipe we can find all the flavor of Italian autumn.

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